Sunday Travels And The End Of January

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I’m ending this month traveling back to the great state of Georgia so my mother can have her bottom port removed. Hopefully if all reports, scans and the surgery all goes well we won’t have to be back for a little while. Prayers for her as we will began the next couple of days at the treatment center.

Speaking of prayers this month has been for letting go and surrendering myself back to the gym, healthy eating (for the most part) and most of all in prayer. I fail at this most of the time and feel as though I need to work on my relationship with the Lord. Specially after so many blessings He has given to my family.

Looking back and reading most of my blog post has made me cringe at all the sad stories and moments I have wrote about but then I remember it’s all part of myself growing and changing and over coming. There’s not a day that I don’t think about the power of prayer and how God has revealed Himself to my family.

I feel guilty at times to look back and to think of all the moments I’ve begged for his mercy and once he has blessed me, I feel as though I don’t know how to thank Him enough nor pray enough after I receive.

This coming up month as we get more into 2016 I want to hold on tight more, kiss more, move closer to Christ and not overly focusing on the things I can’t change. February is the month of love right?! 😉



I would also like for my blogging followers to pray for the community I grew up in. We had a very tragic accident that took the lives of two people. Times like these I think we are all called to up-lift one another. May the families, friends and the sweet children that were left behind find comfort through our Omighty God above. Amen




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