Countryside Obsession

My grandfather has the most amazing piece of property. It sits nestled in the countryside off the most peaceful back roads that I love to ride on. If you’re wondering what life looks like on his farm, well,here you go.

People in life seem happier and more content with life when they’re outside. I know I do. I specially feel more at peace and calm around animals. I’ve missed the feeling of mud on my boots and the only thing controlling my day is the sun overhead telling me when the day is over. I spent most of my time feeding the cows and watching the wind blow the water across the pond. There is no magical feeling than the one I had today walking around, thinking about the desires of my own farm I would like to have one day.

I know I want a long dirt driveway with an old truck that splashes through the pot holes and a flock of sheep with bulging eyes looking at you, where an old vintage camper sits  waiting for the next trail ride, early mornings with the smell of bacon and late afternoons with sweet tea visiting with the love of your life or with sweet old friends who just brought you a fresh canned jar of mayhaw jelly and my mom to grow old with me picking fruit from the trees in the fields.

I can’t help but dream of these moments that make me want to enjoy growing older. It’s always the simple things in life that I’m obsessed over, and maybe Hunter rainboots! 😉



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