Living with chemo pt. 6 The Trendsetters


Rarely do you have conversations with someone about your socks but if you’re in my family it’s not rare at all. In fact, my parents have always cared about making sure you’re warm and cozy.

Short true fact: when my son was a toddler, you never brought him over to his nanny and pawpaws house without a fresh diaper and socks on his little toes. One afternoon my dad said: “Kacie you need to put some socks on his feet”.

Looking across the room and thinking: really dad, it’s mid-June and its 100 degrees outside, but you could never change his mind about making sure his “little man” didn’t catch a cold no matter the season.

The fact is that socks are important to my dad.

They comfort him.

And he feels they should comfort your feet to.

Even more so with my mother and everything, we as a family are living through these days. Emergency rooms, prepping for surgeries, traveling and while she is receiving chemotherapy he makes sure she is as cozy and comfortable as can be.


Our last trip my dad walked into the room where my moms feet were sticking out and started putting on her socks for her, out pops these fabulous bacon socks at the same time, my mom pops her little bald head and ask: “are they scented!?”


As I look to my mom and just smile shaking my head. These are the trendsetters I wouldn’t trade for the world, even if the chemo gets to my moms brain cells at times 🙂

Some of my favorite socks have been from hospital gift shops and obvious reasons, my dear old dad has found some great finds as well. If you’re in a pickle on what to get as a Christmas gift, I suggest SOCKS! Seriously – super easy and very affordable. If you’re thinking of helping out at hospital, nursing home, children’s home or what to stuff your stockings with, you can’t go wrong with a cozy pair of socks.

Here are some of my favorite! What are your favorite stocking stuffers?

image image


image image





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