Living With Chemo: Pt. 5 The Binder

image image image image imageAs part of a caregiver, my aunt put together a really great idea for all those prescriptions, receipts, important documents, phone numbers and meal planning for those times you need to look back on. 

So while my mom was on her 2nd round of chemo a few weeks back, my aunt took the time to organize a binder so perfectly while she was staying with us. I suggest this to anyone who may need to get organized when dealing with a ton of papers, let me tell you why it worked so well for us. 

A few days after my mom came home from Georgia we noticed my mom wasn’t acting the same. She would make these really weird expressions on her face. At first, yes it was funny and we all laughed. I remember asking: “mom what are you doing” and we all would giggle. As it turned out, it was a side-effect from a particular medicine she was taking. Looking back in the binder, my aunt and I read that if taken for a long amount of time, it could be a permanent facial expression.

I know, I know – I know what you’re thinking, side-effects are on everything from the least little pill and when taking the smallest headache medicine you could have nausea or an upset stomach. Blah. Blah. However, we would have never known what was causing this reaction to my mom if we would have tossed everything in the trash thinking the norm.

Thankfully we kept all papers and notes to look back on. Please take the time if you are a caregiver and read all the side-effects to your love ones prescriptions. Above is a quick peak at what my aunt put together for my mother. It comes in so handy for keeping things well-organize. This would also be a great idea for kids to feel involved by decorating the cover. 






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