Fall Fashion: Me Time

Fall is pure comfort! While everyone is getting a kick start on Christmas decorating I’m still enjoying the crisp leaves and this beautiful sunshine. I don’t know about you but I always like to create a season-to-season bucket list. Although mine has been put on time-out for a while now, even more so due to my moms cancer and becoming her care giver it’s been hard to focus on “me time”.

The days I have forced myself out of bed and looking down at my feet thinking, how am I still walking” that is just it – I am just walking, I’m putting one foot infront of the other and taking the pain one day at a time. Each morning I wake up and yes some time I just want to pull the covers over my head and roll over but I get up and push forward.

However you have to force yourself to move forward from the pain life has caused you, do it! Even if you’re feeling a little blue that day, get up put fresh sheets on your bed, open the blinds, rearrange your living room or go for a ride with your windows down.

For me it’s still enjoying this beautiful weather and knowing I can call on God anytime to listen to me. It’s taking one step at a time in these cute blue heels 😉

IMG_7607 (2)

IMG_7602 (2)

IMG_7603 (2)

IMG_7616 (2)

IMG_7600 (2)


IMG_7618 (3)

-Drink more hot coco

-Spend more time around a fire

-Take more pictures with my mom

and the number one that thing that we can all do for ourselves is:

-Pray more, worry less




Safe travels this holiday week



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