Living with Chemo Part 2

I have always heard that everyone response differently with chemotherapy and so far the chemo is really dragging my poor mom down. Like you wouldn’t believe …






Since we have been home, I have seen my mom take pill, after pill, after pill, after another. I have seen her vomit on the side of the bed because she can’t handle all the supplements at once. All she has been doing basically, is crying because she is THAT helpless right now. Her poor colon and body feels drained, tired and her stomach is feeling continuously upset from all the harsh medication she is taking right now.

In the mist of watching my mom and not knowing what to do, I called her Care Manager at CTCA. I began to ask what can I do, what can I get. I will happily walk my hinny to the ends of the Earth – just tell me something that I can do! She began to ask what medications are beside her. Long story short – two of her medications were in the bottom of her suitcase, never unpacked! (bless her heart)

So… that alone, plus the chemo has given her zero energy – abdomen cramping like you wouldn’t believe, (well, maybe if you experience Chronic IBS) and unfortunately a trip to the ER, due to dehydration. So today, I want to share with you the second part of ‘Living with Chemo’. Here is what I’ve been doing in trying to get weight on my mother and maybe this will be helpful in some way to you. I want to document it all for you, along with the results as I go …


There are so many different shake options that you can try but I’ve created one I really love that I’ve been giving my mom nearly every day for breakfast, dinner, lunch and midnight snacks! Now, if you are trying to watch your calories please stay clear of this, but if you’re 90 pounds like my mother, feed yourself – two or ten! This is the shake:

your choice of ice cream, (my mom likes chocolate and peanut butter) also, the peanut butter has more calories than chocolate


Mix in a Boost or Insure. I get my mom the Boost Plus.


With the ice cream and Boost, I also mix in a weight gainer supplement like this: you can get this at GNC – they also have a variety of flavors. It will also help add in those extra, extra calories!!


Mix it all together and VAMOOSE- get to drinking! 1,000 calories I’m almost sure of it!

I have also been mixing this power in puddings for her.


Lots of Shrimp!

As I write this, I can’t help but hear Bubba name all the different ways to eat shrimp off “Forest Gump”.


But you could fry it simple like my dad does with cornmeal, flour and a dash of Tony’s.

Easy. Quick.


Smart Water: Not to be confused with Holy Water sitting beside her, but that can help too! However, the Smart Water has electrolytes. The only water we are allowed to drink right now.


L-Carnitine is a great supplement for a boost of energy. It’s a sour grape flavor so be sure to have your game face on and be prepared to do your sour face dance! My mom HATES it, but it WORKS!


For the Tea Drinkers:

Smooth Move is an organic tea that is a laxative. I’m IN LOVE with tea and specially after drinking it every morning with my mom at CTCA. I can remember the exact orders my mom would tell me.

“Kacie, make sure you use the raw brown sugar, two scoops”

two raw sugar packages or whatever your sugar buds call for

your choice of HOT tea

I promise it’s so much more delightful than morning coffee – almost as if a magical potion for the soul 😊

image image

MiraLAX really does work but it takes a few days, it’s not like a laxative that will work in a few hours or minutes. I prefer the packs because they are more convenient and less of a mess. (believe me the bottle of MiraLAX is messy) Also, please be very careful with enemas they can be VERY, VERY rough on your stomach, only if it is a must! my mom was doing two-a-day!!! Only if they are a must!

The tea of all teas and about as herbal and organic as you can get … 


Rumor has it this recipe for tea was started long ago by a tribe of Indians. It claims to have cured people of cancer and has made many cancer free from drinking this tea alone. You have to special order the herbs, let it set for hours, then boil it. I don’t know the exact ingredients but if your interested in this recipe. I can definitely do a post on this tea with the exact directions.

so there you have it folks. Living with Chemo round 2!










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