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If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen the beautiful sights of where I was camping out with my parents while we stayed in our first few weeks of traveling to CTCA. I have been wanting to get to this blog for a while but I seriously have had so much to say, I’m not even finished with one post before I get an idea for another post!

Our very first day arriving in Georgia was like we came straight out of the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” with John Candy. I took my first plane ride, my first subway at the ATL airport and then we drove to our first hotel in a limo. You might all think: man, that is a pretty awesome day of experiences. Yep it was – but under the circumstances and the condition that my mom was in, how on Earth could we enjoy any of this. We didn’t at the time but looking back, I can now appreciate the times I shared with my mom and even if it was for a few minutes riding on the golf cart trails to get some fresh air, I’ll always remember how neat of a place Peachtree, GA was for us in a time of sorrow.

I’ve always said I’ll never leave my hometown and specially now growing to appreciate the beauty of the farm lands. I use to hate big cities and I said I would never FLY.

Like EVER!

But after traveling to the state of Georgia, I’ve grown to love what this world has to offer for a girl who has been very sheltered in life. It’s pretty crazy how something in your life can change you. Even if it’s a scary thing like cancer. I’m not afraid of a lot of things that I used to be of anymore. As crazy as it may sound, I’m glad I’m going through this with my parents, what a wonderful ball of emotions I’ll have to remember.

I have listed my favorite spots, sights and experiences from our first week in GA. If you ever have to visit CTCA (which I hope you don’t, that means you don’t have cancer) but if you do, this might help you on your stay.

How to get around: by golf carts of course!! Peachtree, GA has over 90 miles of beautiful paths through the neighborhoods and shopping centers. If you ever have to stay at the Whyndham hotel in Peachtree, I HIGHLY suggest you spend the money to rent a golf cart, it will better accommodate you on getting around verses sitting in traffic. I HIGHLY suggest you get a well equipped golf cart driver though. my dear old dad wrecked me on the side of a tree root. sorry dad, your golf cart skills aren’t the best

Where to Stay: Being that we had a team of people getting us to Georgia, they booked us at the Whyndham Peachtree Hotel. It was and I’m sure always will be the prettiest hotel I will ever stay at, beautiful landscaped facility, with two outside pools, inside pool, workout room with volleyball and racquet ball courts and balcony with every room. However, my family and I didn’t step one foot in the water and due to the filming of “The Walking Dead” toward the end of the weeks stay, it wasn’t too enjoyable. The hotel is actually 45 minutes for ATL airport and is about 30 minutes away from the Cancer Treatment Center of America. I HIGHLY suggest when booking your stay at CTCA to arrange closer hotels in Newman, GA because that is actually where the center is located.

Where to eat: CTCA offers unbelievable discounts to patients and caregivers. The patients eat FREE! YES FREE! The caregivers get 60 percent off their meals as well. so I HIGHLY suggest you try to eat the at the center every chance you get. However, we weren’t always able to take the shuttle from Peachtree to Newman, so we had to eat their at the hotel. Although it was significantly more expensive than at the center, the food was fabulous and the good thing about the Hotel in Peachtree their rooms had microwaves.

What to see and do: Since we did have a few days before my moms BIG surgery we were able to get around with the golf carts and tour a tad. Now, my mom had to stay in the room most of the time because she was in so much pain but my dad and I ventured around the neighborhood. My personal favorite place we came on was called “The Fresh Market”. Anything fresh you could ever want and being a caregiver to a cancer patient we were able to get my mom a lot of goodies to bring back to the hotel. I HIGHLY suggest locating a Fresh Market near you. The closest one in Louisiana is Laffayette, LA. I’ve been there twice since I’ve been back home.

I hope this has helped if you ever need to book your first week of travels with CTCA. I look forward to sharing many more suggestions on my journey through cancer.




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