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Hey Everyone, I’m enjoying the sunshine today, and I hope wherever you are, you can do the same. I’ve been dying to do a fashion post and being that my mom is on the road to recovery, (praying daily) I think I can safety do that now. I don’t know about you all, but I’m pretty sick of talking about cancer and chemo as of right now. I need a break! However, I’m still going to finish my 3 part post on ‘Living with Chemo’ and excited to share all the healthy supplements, but in the meantime, I want to take a break from that today and talk about how my blog ‘Paradise Roads’ got started. For a long time I have struggled with depression. Yes, I am one of those people at times. I have tried to fill huge voids through party planning, cookie decorating and the list goes on with trying to fight what life has brought me. Now. With all that said, I’m very grateful and blessed in all Gods blessing to me. I try to thank him everyday for what joys he has brought to my life but behind the smiles of this girl have been sad days.

I know most people (if you’re normal and human) have felt some type of void in your life?! You all may have noticed that I obviously have been a bit personal lately and have been sharing pieces of my heart on the blog, but with those pieces I’ve had some pretty good goals – hey the thoughts that count, right? Never-the-less, here are a few examples:

Party Planning. At the time, I thought it was a wonderful idea. I enjoy children and I enjoy every second of what it takes to plan a party, (months in advance planning that is) I enjoy helping others and I know the stress and strain of what it takes getting organized for a special event. It has and always will be my first passion. However, when you turn things around to a business – Wow! I ended up with broken candy jars rattling in the back of my car trunk and an undercharged pocket-book. What started as an enjoyment ended as a hassle.

Custom Cookies. These bad boys took over my kitchen, dinning room table, coffee table and my time away from my son. Trying to perfect dozens of cookies after an 8-5 work week was overwhelming. The end. Nuff said. I know a really good cake lady if you ever need one though – 🙂

So there I was with broken candy jars, a kitchen full of flour, stained countertops, and STILL thinking about what Gods purpose in life was for me. To me – in order to make the most out of your life and passions, you have to be in a good physical and mental space and I just wasn’t fully committed but something was still missing, It’s such a horrible feeling to feel like you’re on the opposite side of the world when you have a void in your heart. For me, it’s easier to secretly fill voids, in order to keep moving forward but in reality these are the most important issues in life that only have opportunity for a past of destruction.

During this time a little thing called Instagram was being downloaded on my iPhone, (maybe, you have heard of this before?!) through hashtag discoveries and learning how fast the fashion blogging world was blowing up, I started thinking:

“man, this would be so neat to try blogging.”

Why not? I had nothing to lose but followers and I could do it on my time, not worrying about the pressures of meeting someone else standards. I have always had an eye for the love for all things girlie. Since the time my mom put me in my first pageant, (thanks mom) I thought it would be fun share beauty tricks and tips and write about different products I find. I actually thought about it for months and months, writing then deleting.

“Nah, who would follow me? Who cares about what I post, I’m a horrible ”speller”, I’m not an English major, I’m to old for the fashion and the latest make up products”.

Not happening.

But reality is – who cares!

So what if it takes you a few trys to find what you really love to do for yourself. Don’t ever give up on yourself because at the end of the day, all you really have is yourself. I encourage you, regardless of your faith, color, age, to do what you love. I think personal reflection is key to becoming more beautiful on the inside and honestly you won’t regret it. Write your fears, concerns, joys, moments of love. Allow those moments to challenge you to be better, live better, and love better as you grow up. If writing isn’t your groove, move on to something that really tickets your fancy. Gardening, scrapbooking, arts and crafts – whatever it may be from looking forward to watching your favorite housewife show or scheduling a weekly walk with a girlfriend. Take time for yourself and do something you love.

God has been my great healer through all of my hard times, even when I have felt he didn’t even know who I was. he did and still does, I’ve done a lot of bad and wrong in my life but I know HE will forgive me and I can only move forward!
Thanks to my mom, I’m going to continue to blog and write about stuff I enjoy.
ok rant over!
My last blog was called Paradise Roads. I got the name from two of Dolly Parton songs and because I’m from the country, I LOVE a good back road. So now, I kind of like to keep that name due to the roads I’m traveling  with my mom and my own journey. Here is what my blog was about and what I’m going to strive to become again.
Maxi On The Rocks –
These photos were taken previous on ParadiseRoads and was led to my first collaboration with Isle Style! I love finding unusual places to make pictures pop. I love photography.
Who doesn’t love getting fun stuff in the mail. I was blogging my little heart out about my reviews and great finds through Glossy Boxes and Fab Fit Fun. I’m excited to share my most recent boxes since I’ve been gone.
I love decorating and hope to inspire your inter home decor side.
I also hope to add a few wish list from time to time – the holidays are upon us already.
I look forward sharing many fun post with you all and hope you find something you’re interested in. Thanks for stopping by ParadiseRoads. Love you all.




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