CTCA – Part 3

Hey peeps! Man it’s good to be back!! I’m missing my mom every second until I leave for the airport to pick her up this week, but in the meantime, I thought I would wrap up my 3 part blog post on CTCA. I would like to continue with a few more sappy, mushy post but before I do so, I would also love to share a few short stories that added to these memories after this final post of the center. So lots to talk about and I truly hope I can inspire one person by my experience. What I have learned through all of this is that: I’m not alone. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth… image

Celebrate Life Pkwy – that is exactly how you feel once you experience the hospitality of the treatment center. You leave feeling you are leaving as part of a family. Before I brought my mom to CTCA I felt myself going down hill and withdrawing from the world. Wasn’t the best decision but clearly a coping mechanism for myself, but after just a few days of being at the treatment center and opening up, I didn’t want to leave.

As I started spending the mornings finding out that I would rather drink a cup of hot tea with my mom instead of coffee in the waiting rooms, spending the afternoons talking to my dad about our Catholic faith on the empty benches outside, walking around the center for miles on the main roads of Georgia with my dad just so we could sneak in some junk food to get away from the gluten free cookies that was served in the cafeteria is an experience I’ll treasure forever.


On the other hand, I started getting excited to see the doctors and the staff. I got to know them on a more personal level. The drivers would wave every time they would see my dad and I sneak off. This one particular driver touched us on his journey with CTCA. (He was the first driver to pick us up from the airport.) I finally understood how CTCA changed his life. He was a cancer survivor that was also another case that didn’t have long to live but once he walked through the doors of CTCA, he had hope.



Another lady we came across at the center was also a cancer survivor from CTCA. This special lady checked on my mom everyday and would bring us special little gifts. The sweetest and most caring lady to be going through the same issues like we were. She will always be a close friend to us now and we look forward to many more run-ins as we start chemo for the next 18 months.


CTCA is the best thing, I feel, that has ever happen to my family. Hating the fact we were there, no doubt! However, what the center offers for not only the patients but also the caregivers, you can’t find any place else. I love how spiritual their program is. I can remember being in the Urgent Care one afternoon with my mom and before the doctor released us, he prayed over my mom as we all held hands. Now tell me where that is still preformed in the world we live in? It sure didn’t happen at MD Anderson. Nooo.

(Below is a picture of us and how we also had the opportunity to meet with the Catholic priest and bless my mom through the anointing of the oil.)


My family and friends – never did I ever feel like I was loved by many but through seeing the outpouring love and prayers on social media, checking on me over the phone and even coming to visit my mom has meant the world to us. To all of you. THANK YOU!

As my mom says: “I can’t wait to get home and put an ad in the paper and tell everyone thank you”.



Blessed. Blessed because of all of you and blessed because of this treatment center.


If any of you are facing the pressure of the trials of life, CTCA brings you back your faith and hope. Through the eyes of a care giver I thought my life was over with and was scared to face what the next day would hold. I felt as though I didn’t have anything else to pray for.

Well, I’m here to tell you, Keep chuggin with your muster-seed!

you bring it to CTCA and let them water it into that big beautiful tree. CTCA comes together as a family, they want to accept you and feel the pain you are suffering through. I, a complete stranger to many of you, am here to tell you that they will do whatever it takes. Even if it is that one special person that walks in the room, you will know as I did.

SOO all in favor for making that one phone call to CTCA, say I! (But hopefully you will never have to make that call)

below is the 5 year tree and hopefully through the grace of the good Lord, I know I will see my moms name on the tree of life.

image image

Xoxo Kacie



  1. Tammy
    September 13, 2015 / 10:44 pm

    Awesome story and the love behind each word, I will always treasure our friendship! With all my love, Tammy

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