I hope everyone is enjoying whatever your little heart desires on this Labor Day weekend. This is pretty much what my life looks like as of lately (Well, at least when I’m in the sky) because of unexpected plans and confusion with flight scheduling is a bummer!! I absolutely hated leaving my parents but on the other hand, it was wonderful to spend time with my little guy and hear the tales of elementary school stories I’ve been missing out on.

With positive vibes that my mom is having right now, I thought it would be appropriate to finally share a special day in room 209…

Once I had confidence of knowing the plan of action for my mom, I started opening up and decided to venture around the facility with my dad.

  1. To let my mom rest as much as possible.
  2. To keep myself sane.

While exploring one morning my dad says:

“hey there is Rory”


“you know Rory – The Joey and Rory show, I’m almost positive that was him in those overalls”

Ooookkkk dad

Later that day my moms pain was getting worse. In fact, it was so bad we ended up bringing her to the Urgent Care but as we were headed that way she made eye contact with this woman who was standing by the elevators.

“Hey you’re Joey”

No sooner than I looked over my mom was wobbling over to her as she was carefully trying to comfort the “bag of fruit inside of her”.

Listening to their conversation I hear “I watch you on TV every Sunday night.” I watch Larrys Country Diner, Hee Haw and the Joey and Rory show” “I have your album.”

They ended the conversation shortly after and off we went.

Over the next week, we would run into them through passing but every time we were in talking distance Joey would make a point of talking with my mom and asking how she was holding up. During the end of that particular conversation we were wheeling (wheelchair day) my mom to look at wigs and she started tearing up saying: “I feel like she is my friend now”. I said: “of course she is your friend mom” and we both continue to smile.

As odd as it may sound, Joey was sitting in the waiting room the day of my moms surgery. And guess who she was sitting beside. Yep! My dad and I!

There I was sitting beside someone like Joey, talking about true life. Not anything else but true life. The true life that people are faced with-daily. Sitting in the waiting room, I just wanted to hug her and tell her thank you. I don’t know for what reason but just the pure fact that my heart hurt for her.

After my moms surgery, I was telling her about having the honor of sitting beside an amazing person like Joey.

but then wouldn’t you know, Joey was walking into room 209. Our room!

My mom immediately burst into tears and said: “I can’t believe you’re in here right now”.


Now with all this being said, I’m a firm believer that when someone ask you to keep things private, that is exactly what it means and you can bet it’s in the vault and that’s where it will stay. (My sisters in Christ would say “river rules”)

so room 209 that day, will always share a special bond we felt with Joey.

I will however share something that I will never forget the words she spoke before she walked out.

“Pam, I look at it like this, whatever Gods plans are, I win either way. If he wants me here on Earth, I win. If he wants me in Heaven, I win again.”

What an unconditional love she has for our Lord and how inspirational she is to us. One of the things I admired the most about Joey, was not her being on TV, wasn’t that she is a country music singer – it was her quality of life and her beauty within.


The person who she most reminded me of was …

my mother. Unique.

Before I left, I found this Georgia picture frame and surprised my mom  with of a picture of her and Joey. I told her now she can never forget how two special people met, at a special place in the heart of Georgia.






  1. Sandra Petrey
    September 7, 2015 / 7:40 am

    That’s an absolute testament of true faith. Nothing is done by accident…Joey was put in your moms path by our GOD to show that our GOD has a plan for us in life and death…I feel that grain of faith uplifted your moms faith and spirit because it sure did mine…GOD BLESS JOEY!!!

    • Kacie
      September 9, 2015 / 4:01 pm

      Thank youit was wonderful we got to spend alite time with someone like her

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