CTCA – Part 2

T minus 1 hour and 20 minutes later we landed on a Thursday and was greeted by a man in a suit. On the way to the center he began to tell us his story and how he beat cancer and it was all thanks to CTCA. Now, still having my sour attitude  you could imagine my thought process coming into this new journey.

As I thought: That’s a great story but your not my mom. Everyone’s different.


Arriving at the center we were also greeted by a friendly valet girl who asked us if this was our first time here and proclaimed we were in for a treat!

As I thought: Uh huh, sure. as I walked into the lobby.


Prior to arriving, CTCA had already made us a schedule to follow each day. The first day was ALOT of registrations and paper work. As we walked into our next meeting room CTCA began to go over all the wonderful activities they provide for their patients. So here I was, with my sour attitude sitting beside me.

As I thought: I don’t care about bingo. Scrapbooking. Cooking class. Psh –  This isn’t a vacation. Oh wait. I forgot. They are spos to make her comfortable until she passes, (so much pain was inside me) so I though.


As the day went on closer to the weekend my mom had her first exam and met with her first doctor. Still wasn’t the “main OBGYN” that we were scheduled to see but here I was watching my mom go through the motions of telling her story once again. The physician went over all her records in details that MD Anderson did no go over with us. However she wasn’t the main doctor we were waiting to see. Here we were waiting again through the weekend for the BIG appointment on Tuesday but as we were leaving the physician said: “THEY WILL HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION”

Waiting once again as my heart broke for my mom. 4 more days later. (This has been a repeated pattern for us.) As my dad would say: “we could have went to the dollar store and got her chemo by now”.


But then Tuesday was here!

There is something about a first impression that makes my entire heart, mind and body change. You too?

In walked this lady that had a halo around her head. Duh, couldn’t see it. But could feel it. I watched her every move and how passionate she was listening to our story. I seen it in her eyes as she bent down to my moms level and held her hand. Almost as if she felt my moms pain, as if she was completely absorbing every tear down my moms face. This doctor was determined to “search and destroy” right then and there! I NOW knew what we have been waiting for. I knew what the TEAM of doctors were about, I knew that moment God presented her with the faith I needed to carry on. What my mom needed. She then processed to tell my mother how she was going to debulk her tumors on the operating table. Tears of joy came streaming down our faces because the first time in 3 weeks it was good news.



“In the light of faith you see things quite differently” – St. John Baptist de la Salle



stay tuned … Part 3 coming up




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