CTCA – Part 1

image image image imageAs part of my moms journey, I’ve been sharing every experience from the good, the bad, (the really bad) and now from what my mom is calling a little “Heaven on Earth”.

However, we (I) didn’t feel that way upon arriving with everything we were just told and faced with from MD Anderson. We didn’t realize at the time but God was working his blessings through a phone call the weekend we were awaiting the first round of chemo locally.

Sitting there watching my parents pass the phone back and forth with the CTCA advocate, my grieving process was turning from sorrows to an inferno of bitterness.

  1. We just left the number one fighting cancer place in the world, what is this place going to do for my mom?
  2. Sounds like a big fancy hospice to me.

As my dad got off the phone, he approached me and said: “this is a second option, they will take care of her and make her comfortable, we have to go. We wouldn’t have to deal with the local chemo here and watch her roll around on the floor, like a dog with fleas.” (My dad has a way with words at times)

He then proceeded to tell me how CTCA would help with the plane tickets, the drivers pick you up and take you to the center, and will have a team of doctors looking at her reports.

Huh uh. Whatever you say dad.

“Kacie we have to give it our all. We don’t have anything to lose”.

I just noded. Yep.

Fast forward 4 days later sitting with my parents who always preached about staying far away as possible from planes and here we are waiting to board my very first plane flight and the bitter thoughts of saying goodbye to my mom.


Stay tuned,

xoxo Kacie




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